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Truman’s Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Cleaning |Lawrenceville 770-896-8876 | Hardwood Floor Trends 2024: What’s Hot, What’s Not, and What’s Timeless

Step into 2024, and youll locate a vibrant landscape for hardwood flooring in Lawrenceville and beyond. As trusted hardwood floor specialists, we at Trumans Hardwood Flooring Refinishing & & Cleaning are devoted to keeping you notified concerning the latest fads, directing you towards a decision that enhances your style and homes personality. This blog sheds […]

Truman’s Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Cleaning |Lawrenceville 770-896-8876 | Maintaining the Luster: Tips for Caring and Preserving Hardwood Floors in Lawrenceville

In the enchanting community of Lawrenceville, where the combination of timeless appeal and modern living prevails, hardwood flooring beautifies many homes, lending an air of classic beauty to living spaces. The investment in these polished surfaces benefits a thorough technique to care, guaranteeing not simply sustained aesthetic allure however also the preservation of their innate […]

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