How to Choose the Right Mold Testing Firm

You may be ill because of mold in your home or place of employment, your property value may fall because of mold that bleach and paint just cannot control. If you have a compromised immune system mold may even grow in you lungs or other parts of your body in the form of a systemic fungal infection. However, no requirements exist for mold inspectors nor mold remediators in most states. When choosing a mold testing firm be sure that the professional is familiar with the following.

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1) Building construction and building forensics.
Your mold problem is not in a Petri dish or lab but in a home or commercial building. Mold testing should be done by someone who has knowledge of buildings and how to inspect building and not just the mold itself. Your mold inspector should be familiar with vapor barriers, roofing, plumbing, wall structure and wall waterproofing, building pressurization and more to properly diagnose sometimes unusual building failures that have resulted in mold and moisture problems.

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2) Psychometrics.

Psychometric pertains to humidity, temperature, dew point and air and how they all influence each other. A deep understanding of the interrelations of these factors might not be important in New York, new jersey, or Florida but in Florida with it’s unique hot humid climate it is very important.

3) Biological sciences.
Mold is a living organism many other common indoor allergens are products of biological activities in your house or office, your inspector should understand at least some basic biological and ecological science principles pertaining to microbiology or mycology (the study of mold).

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4) HVAC knowledge.
Your mold testing expert must be very familiar with heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC systems) because many mold problems are related to HVAC system malfunctions, leaks, or contamination. Contaminated return and supply plenums, and contaminated blower fans and coils are a common hiding place for mold. Properly working HVAC systems can help prevent mold, humidity, and even general indoor air quality problems from ever occurring.

5) Sampling techniques.

Your mold inspector should be properly trained and experienced in investigating and sampling mold, and if needed other bio-allergens, and they should know how to interpret the lab results.

6) Legally defensible reporting documenting findings and recommendations.
Will your mold testing firm leave you with simple lab results?, or a detailed legally defensible mold inspection report that your allergy doctor, insurance adjuster, and attorney will find helpful complete with digital photos and executive summary page showing a summary of the inspectors findings and conclusions? Your inspector should give you a comprehensive mold inspection report form documenting visual findings, environmental monitoring results, interpretation of lab results, inspector’s conclusions, recommendations on how to control the mold problem and more.

7) Proper certifications.
Currently there are no requirements that a person must fulfill to call themselves a Florida mold inspector. There is no training required in the state of Florida. In fact, the term “certified mold inspector” is almost meaningless. There are good certification courses but there are also worthless certification training courses for mold inspectors in Florida. In fact as of 2006 few states have licenses for mold inspectors.
Be sure to verify that your mold inspector is one of the following:
Industrial Hygienist or Certified Industrial Hygienist
Board Certified Indoor Environmentalist
Board Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
You can verify some of the above certifications at the
IAQA or ImIaq web site consultant database.

Daryl Watters has a bachelors degree in education for teaching biology and general science and is a certified mold inspector, certified home inspector, and certified indoor environmentalist providing building inspections in South Florida since 1993 and mold testing since 2003.

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